Caledonian Pacific offers integrated shipping services and energy solutions. Our team is committed to staying ahead of the curve, with access to top notch industry intelligence and networks.



CalPac was founded in 2008 as a shipbroking company. Since then, we have grown, evolved and, at times, merged with other companies as we have successfully navigated our way through the most challenging era in commercial shipping history. Our experiences and successes of helping clients throughout unpredictable market conditions have earned us a reputation for being reliable, discrete and results-driven.

 We believe in pragmatism over idealism.

‣ We are an entirely customer-focused and relationship-based brokerage.

‣ We focus on all sectors of the shipping industry, from Sale and Purchase of secondhand ships and Newbuildings, to Chartering and Demolition (recycling).

Caledonian Pacific's shipbroking network and client base is entirely global and will never stop adapting to suit market changes and client demands.


Energy Solution Provider

A one stop shop for electricity supply in the Pacific and beyond. We are in a new world of energy development. Caledonian Pacific is leading the way with project execution, including the implementation of small-scale liquefied natural gas (LNG) concepts in order to bring cleaner, more efficient and more affordable power to developing countries and remote regions. 

 We take responsibility for the entire energy supply chain.

 We bring one solution to the end-user.

 We streamline power demand with power supply. 

As perceptive problem-solvers, we know how to maximize appropriate energy resources in order to help our clients achieve their undoubted potential.